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Award Stats
Awards List
Best Killer with Gauntlet -OfC-madness
Best Killer with Machine gun ^Slash2
Best Killer with Shot gun GLADIAT0R
Best Killer with Grenade Launcher ^xan
Best Killer with Rocket Launcher .APOCRYPHAL
Best Killer with Lightning gun oKo*WhoAmI?!
Best Killer with Rail gun oKo*WhoAmI?!
Best Killer with Plasma gun clickbait
Best Accuracy with Machine gun ^Slash2
Best Accuracy with Shot gun *DT*Tubylec
Best Accuracy with Grenade Launcher ^xan
Best Accuracy with Rocket Launcher ///Plahov
Best Accuracy with Lightning gun *DT*Tubylec
Best Armor Accuracy oKo*WhoAmI?!
Best Accuracy with Rail gun *DT*Tubylec
Best Accuracy with Plasma gun *DT*Tubylec
Best Overall Accuracy ///Plahov
Best Fighter ///Plahov
Best Effectiveness oKo*WhoAmI?!
Best Tank ///Plahov
Best Damage Accuracy ///Plahov
Excellent Killer ^7HE^<>REDRUM
Impressive Railer oKo*WhoAmI?!
Freeze Tag
Best Thawer oKo*WhoAmI?!
Best Thaw Efficiency oKo*WhoAmI?!
Highest Thaw Streak *DT*Tubylec
Maximum Thawer oKo*WhoAmI?!
Highest Thaw Dedication MHJ
Best Defender oKo*WhoAmI?!
The Terminator ^Slash2
Mega Man ^Slash2
Blue Moon oKo*WhoAmI?!
Armor Man ^Slash2
Iron Man oKo*WhoAmI?!
Best Killer oKo*WhoAmI?!
Best Scorer oKo*WhoAmI?!
Best Efficiency ///Plahov
Highest Score per Death oKo*WhoAmI?!
Highest Kill Streak Terrorzwerg
Maximum Killer oKo*WhoAmI?!
Highest Top Score oKo*WhoAmI?!
Highest Performance oKo*WhoAmI?!
Best Team Scorer ^Slash2
Best Team Efficiency ^Slash2
Best Team Leader ^Slash2
Cleanest Player oKo*WhoAmI?!
Fair Play ^xan
Highest Time Played ???
Hall Of Fame
Most Number of Awards oKo*WhoAmI?!
Award Listing for Best team leader (top 100)
#Player Name Team leader   Games   Team led games 
1^Slash210 11 90.9%
2oKo*WhoAmI?!8 10 80.0%
3M6 9 66.7%
4Ziggy11 17 64.7%
5Pxy4 7 57.1%
6*DT*Tubylec11 22 50.0%
7.WTF!Ami_blood?!7 14 50.0%
8Gekka6 13 46.2%
9///Plahov11 24 45.8%
10LisaTheAnn5 12 41.7%
11clickbait7 18 38.9%
12-OfC-madness6 16 37.5%
13GLADIAT0R5 14 35.7%
14Wilo3 10 30.0%
15.APOCRYPHAL2 8 25.0%
16@('_')@6 25 24.0%
17PurpleDiscoMachine19 80 23.8%
18*DT*Edversion4 17 23.5%
19^7HE^<>REDRUM3 17 17.6%
20*DT*ProToN1 8 12.5%
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